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The Bridge

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,

- Romans 3:23

Bridges make way for new things

+ Options that were once not available become available.

+ Things that may have been impossible like walking over water, or even a few feet in the air become possible.

+ Bridges fill gaps and allow things that once couldn't pass to pass.

+ Bridges make traveling quicker, and smoother.

For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life.

- Romans 5:10

Let's take it back to the beginning!

If we go back to the beginning in the book of Genesis. We see that God creates the world with excellence. Not haphazardly or without discretion, but with perfection. His perfection was reflected in everything that He constructed. There were no flaws, blunders, or issues, everything was in immaculate balance.

The Fall!

Until Genesis chapter 3 where a disruption takes place. It's here where we see sin enter man one way, and holiness exit another. We see chaos in God’s pristine system, and everything that was set in perfect motion is disturbed. Because of the sin that man yielded to, sickness, pain, wrath, evil, hate, lack of compassion, and so much more made their way unto the Earth.

The Aftermath!

Man lost both access and proximity to God. Humankind ceased to know what it was like to have an intimate relationship with their maker. We were outcasts, sinners, broken, and had lost touch with our source, the very one that we were created for. God created us to be in perfect harmony with Him and to never wander from His presence. We were built and designed to live for God and with God. To never know hurt, shame, or poverty. We were created to know Him and reside in perfection. We see in the following chapters, many acts of defiance against God. Such as murder, hate, lying, stealing, etc. As a result of man's disobedience.

For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man.

- 1 Corinthians 15:21

Trying to make things right!

For generations, mankind struggled to please and live for God. So certain systems were put into place to come in contact with the Father. Such as...

Prophets - Who led the people, spoke and heard from God, and instructed the people accordingly.

Priests - Who Worked in the temples and were the only ones allowed to enter the holiest of holies, and gave sacrifices on behalf of the people. They also conducted special ceremonies and served as the people's representatives.

The law - This was set for people to stay tight with God and walk in His ways. However, it was difficult and impossible to fulfill. Because it required perfection and lacked grace.

Why were all of these things necessary?

Because we were corrupted and dead in our sin! We had no way out and we were incapable of pleasing God. Humanity got the best deal ever, living in eternal peace with our maker. But we traded it in for a bite of fruit that was taken in a moment of temptation. We deserved hell because of our dysfunction, disobedience, and defiance. But God preferred to die in our place than to remember our sin. He is such a good father, it hurt Him to see His children suffer and be apart from Him. He did what any good dad would do and went out of His way to redeem us.

Now, here’s the good part!

Whenever Jesus walked on Earth He served as our example. He lived well, worshipped God, remained on track, practiced excellence, lived according to His purpose, and showed us what it looked like to live for God. Which is something that humanity had never seen before. Jesus Christ was the first one to walk the path that we were called to. Moses, Abraham, and Noah had all lived for God yes, but they had religious laws that they had to adhere to. They also seized to do it perfectly. But Jesus was purely about seeking, and pleasing the heart of the Father. He focused on the relationship aspect of His faith because there were no laws that stood in His way.

Jesus is the bridge!

Whenever Jesus died and rose again, He restored what God had intended for humanity from the very beginning. Oneness with the Father! Now sin is still present but we have authority over it. What we have now reflects the heart of the Father, because it’s not a new/random idea. From the beginning of time God loved, knew, and had a purpose for us. He always desired for us to live in solitude with Him! He did everything that He could to make sure that we stood victorious with Him. Laughing in the face of sin and death!

A closing prayer

Thank you Jesus for being the bridge and reconnecting us to our first love! For granting us access to our Father in Heaven and ripping us out of bondage by setting our feet on higher ground. Thank you for rescuing us from sin by presenting us as Holy to the king of the world. We were dead in our sin but now we are alive in Christ, amen!

A prayer for salvation

Dear Lord, thank you for sacrificing time in Heaven for a season on earth to die for my sins. I am eternally grateful to you, please receive me in your kingdom. I accept you into my life, please make me a new, amen.

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