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Planning with God

Updated: Mar 11

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.

- Proverbs 19:21

All of us have plans!

Travel plans, school plans, career plans, housing plans, etc.

Planning is what we do.

However, in the hustle and bustle of making plans, we should never forget to include God! The author and finisher of our faith, the maker of our universe. Because without Him, our plans are nothing!

Whenever I was younger, I had my entire life planned out! I thought I knew everything about everything regarding what I wanted. I had my life planned to the T, and I was super confident in my abilities to make my dreams a reality. I was simply trying to be organized and ambitious, however, there was something terribly wrong with my plans; they weren't submitted to God (biggest mistake ever)! I assumed since my plans did not consist of anything illegal or ungodly, they were perfectly aligned with God. However, I later realized that since God is the center of my world, He needs to sign off on every little plan I make regardless of what they entail. I wasn't truly surrendered to God at the time, therefore I was hesitant to wholly hand my life over to Him. Because I knew that giving Him my plans would involve some mystery. Which seemed like an issue at the time but it's a great thing that God’s plans don't look like ours!

God's plans > Good plans

You see, there is a difference between good plans and God's plans! Good plans can flourish, however, they must be built and carried out with our strength. Whereas, God's plans have a supernatural element and require God’s touch, wisdom, and guidance. God's plans are also big, unusual, eye gazing, and utterly out of this world. You and I can't possibly carry out God-sized plans without God. I believe we were handcrafted by God to live out our wild and crazy God-sized dreams. To experience things that are beyond our reach and far fetched without our Father's guiding hand. Because you and I will never be satisfied living a life that is less than what God has prepared for us.

So when did I realize that I was chasing good plans instead of God's plans?

Around my junior year of high school, right after I retired from the busy world of planning and thought I had it all figured out. God began to speak to me. I didn't hear an audible voice, but I had various revelations about my purpose and what I was called to do. Things that were outside of my comfort zone and truly offensive to the life that I had pictured for myself. Before that season of spiritual exposure, I had envisioned my life one way. But God made it clear to me that there was so much more. As I left high school and entered college, I began to truly submit my plans to God and trust Him with my entire life. I no longer desired some of the things that I had wanted, and I found myself gaining new desires along the way. I also began to dance with possibilities instead of settling for less.

So, what now?

Over the past few years, I’ve witnessed God change my outlook, interests, and preferences. However, none of them have been random changes, just a result of a meaningful unfolding. Me discovering who I was called and created to be. Which has made God's plans less intimidating and unrealistic, but rather admirable and relatable. Of course, I am still terribly young (22 at the moment!), so I have much to see, do, and learn. But, I've already had many changes to my plans and, I'm excited to see all that God has for me! As referenced in a past post Dreaming with God, I'm not where I'd thought I would be, but I'm in such a better place! I thank God for changed plans, failed plans, and rearranged plans! Because all of them have led up to this moment, which will lead to many others as I continue to trust in Him!