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On Time

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

And He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority."

- Acts 1:7

Have you ever been disappointed before? Well, how about with God?

Well, I've been disappointed with God before, and I've been frustrated with how some situations in my life have turned out.

But there is a secret to disappointment.

Whenever we set up expectations and expect God’s timing to systematically align with our own, “BOOM” disappointment instantly occurs. Disappointment is the occurrence of a seemly “dissed appointment” on God’s part. Whenever we set up “meetings” with God and he doesn't “show up”, in fact, it straight up looks like he fled the scene. You know the classic “Where are you God?” moments, however, God isn't worthy of disappointment he is worthy of praise. The reason why God doesn't work according to our timing, expectations, and standards, is because his ways are higher than ours. God does not operate on our level, he's in his own lane. He is not a slave to our desires so we shouldn't be upset whenever he doesn't serve every desire that we have. Truth is, it's a good thing that God does not work according to our clock, seriously think about how disastrous that would be! He is the all-knowing God and without him we are nothing. It is our job to submit to his timing and watch him work. Disappointment is a natural emotion but we have to shift our perspectives. We cannot shrink God into our little boxes, we have to allow him to work in his mysterious ways.

As people, we tend to be our #1 cause for disappointment. We sometimes expect God to show up and do things according to our will, instead of his own. So whenever we don't get our results whenever we expect to, we get frustrated and begin to feel like God isn't on our side. However God IS on our side, and he IS faithful. Just because he doesn't do whatever we want whenever we want him to, does not give him a bad reputation. If anything our desire to be in control reveals the stature of our hearts. We cannot control God’s thoughts, and we definitely cannot force him to do anything. If we want God to be involved in our lives, then we must allow him to operate according to his timing. We could always revert to doing things our own way, however, you and I both know that wouldn't be as beautiful and fulfilling as doing things his way. God creates the most beautiful stories, so we must allow him to reveal his plans to us overtime according to his purpose and not our own. At times we will be disappointed, but God must never be on the receiving end of the blame. Simply because he is never the blame for anything.

So many people blame God for the chaos in this world, yet are quick to claim praises for the miraculous in their own life. How often do we hold on to self-gratification and dismiss God’s goodness? All because we didn't get what we wanted! I've definitely done that more than once. But God’s goodness isn't based on his works. Before he even created the heavens and the Earth he was good! Before he created Adam and Eve he was good! Before you and I were saved by grace, God was Good! Even whenever Heaven and Earth pass away he will STILL be good (Matthew 23:35)! Amen! God is inherently good, so even when he doesn't do what we want him to do he's good, it's just that simple. We have to consciously examine why we desire the things that we desire. Are they for our own glory, or for the Lords? When we submit our lives to God, we yield not only to his plans but to his timing as well. God’s will and his timing go hand in hand. Sometimes we get confused and we want God's will in our timing or our will with God’s timing. We must allow God to take control of every aspect of our lives. Regardless of if the Lord has promised you something, or if you just have a desire; allow him to handle the details. That way whenever you receive your promise/answer you can truly say that it was orchestrated by God.

2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us that we must walk by faith, not by sight. However, whenever we set up timetables on God’s behalf we are trying to walk by sight instead of faith. The bible tells us that faith is all about the unseen, the mysterious, the unknown; so how can we have faith whenever we assume that we already know the timing? True faith is whenever we have desires and believe that our God will handle everything with perfection. We are not God’s secretaries we are his children! It is not our role to make appointments for him, it is our role to be like children and trust our father. Have faith that God is working all things together for your good, not your bad.

God has really taught me how to be patient, be still, trust in him, and desire his will over mine. Of course, my life is a work in progress and I am nowhere near perfection. But I have definitely grown in this area. Instead of being disappointed and believing that God has let you down. Remember that he is a good father. What God has for you cannot be stolen, taken, or interrupted. Instead of expecting him to show up to your appointments, be ready for his.



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