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How it all began

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.."

- Jeremiah 1:5

To think that God loved and knew me before I was formed in my mother's womb is indescribable, and trying to understand the depths of His love is impossible. Although, there are countless arguments about how we were created, why we were created, and who we were created by. I believe that we were created by God and for God. Here below lie some details that I believe are relevant to our creation and how it all began.

we were created in STILLNESS

I was not there when God created you, and I have no remembrance of what occurred when He created me. However, I believe that we were created in stillness, in the beauty of His presence, and a place of rest. It was not a rushed effort or a quick transaction, but rather an intentional and intimate moment that lasted long enough to mean something; and happened so long ago that its history (Yet, it is still relevant). I believe that the stillness in which we were created foreshadowed how we were to live for the remainder of our lives, and even unto eternity. Even now, God desires for us to be near to Him and practice stillness, He longs for our attention, affection, and He wants us to make His presence our home. I believe that we were acquainted with God long before we were on earth; and His whispers and character we ought to know very well, for our sanity. We must become familiar with stillness because we were not meant to live in chaos or endless striving; but to operate from a place of rest, consecration, and devout holiness. I love 1 Kings 19:11-13 because it shows how God operates in stillness. As noise gathers and collects around us, and distractions and temptations seemingly fly over our heads; God is still found in the stillness. It doesn't just sound like silence or look like rest, but it's a posture. It’s in the stillness that we find God, it’s in the quiet place that we grow closer to Him, and it's seated at His feet with a heart of worship that we witness the unfolding of who we were created to be!

we were CHOSEN at the beginning of time

All of us we’re chosen at the very beginning, chosen to be loved, forgiven, cherished, and used by God. We have each been given a divine purpose, and an opportunity to glorify God. Not just throughout our lives through our distinct callings, but in the day to day as well. We’re not here on accident or by some wild coincidence, God has a plan for every single one of us. The Bible confirms that even before we were in our mother's wombs we were filled with purpose. From the beginning of time you had a reason to be here, a reason to live, and simply be. God doesn't waste a single thing, and I can assure you that He isn't wasting our existence by having us here on this planet for fun and games, but for a higher calling, and a great commission. One that’s not only beneficial for the kingdom but fulfilling for our souls as well! As we venture through this life and encounter different tests, trials, and areas to exercise our faith, we will learn more about how we’re chosen and gravitate towards living purpose-driven lives. A great reference for this is John 15:16!

we were created to become DISCIPLES

Whenever I hear the word “disciple” I immediately think of the 12 disciples in the Bible. You know Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Simon, Judas, Peter, etc. However, we are all called to be disciples, to follow God’s instructions and teachings, be a light in this dark ole place, abandon the things of this world, take up our cross daily, and die to our flesh. Although accepting Christ is a decision that we make in this life, it is the very relationship that we were created for long before our birth. Before we were even constructed God longed to have a relationship with us, and He enjoys having us as His hands and feet. In turn, we must go out and make disciples by spreading the gospel and telling people about the goodness of Jesus Christ. Matthew chapter 4 is my favorite illustration of discipleship, God calls us out of our routines and limited living to explore abundance and grace, as we tell the world about His love. We were created to be His mouthpieces and echo the truth that is written in His word.

we are PRICELESS to our father

God loves us more than we will ever know, our value surpasses that of rubies, gold, and diamonds. The day that we absorb this truth is the day that we begin to operate with standards, visions, and goals. God finds us so priceless that He gave us His most prized possession, Himself. Yes, we know that Jesus died on the cross, but theologically we also know that Jesus is God! So God humbled Himself and gave Himself away, for us. Sinners, evildoers, defilers, inconsiderate, boastful, prideful, lustful, and greedy people. But yet instead of leaving us in our sin, despising us, or even canceling us out; He looked on us with eyes of love and called us His beloved. He bled, fought, and died so that we could enjoy a life that only He could give us. One that is holy, pure, and set apart; so don't begin to doubt your worth, because it transcends anything that you will ever know. You are worth cannot be determined by anything that you do or anyone that you know. It was determined at the time of your creation, as a perfect maker molded you with all His strength, might, and heart.

I pray that this post encouraged you! For more on this subject matter check out my latest devotional Fully Known by God, I pray that this 30-day devotional sheds light on how God cares for you...

If you have yet to accept Christ feel free to say the prayer below:

Dear Lord, I lay aside my former life and accept you as my savior. I'm all yours and I adopt the ways of your kingdom, amen.

Welcome to the family! : )


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