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God never forgets

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

God sees everything, God hears everything, and God knows everything. But did you also know that God remembers everything too? Like the tears that you may have cried in a very difficult season, the times you sacrificed what you loved in order to obey God’s instructions, and every deed that you’ve ever done for the Kingdom, God saw it and He remembers.

Sometimes when life is hard it seems as if God has forgotten about you, but He will never forget you. He has a reward, a harvest, and a gift, for every single thing that you’ve done for His glory. You won't see it all in this life because it’s too big, but you will see it all in eternity. God does bless His people for the good that they do. However, always remember that you are saved by grace, not by your good works. Salvation is the only way to heaven.

Although there are many examples in the Bible about God Remembering His people. The story of Mordecai in the book of Esther is my favorite. Mordecai was a selfless man, he took Esther in and raised her as if she were his own, he looked out for King Ahasuerus and stopped him from being murdered, and he encouraged Esther to advocate for the Jews using the powerful position that God had given her.

A quick summary:

One day Mordecai overheard a conversation between two eunuchs about killing King Ahasuerus. The plot disturbed him so much that he alerted Queen Esther and put a stop to it. His good deed was recorded in the book of remembrance in the presence of the king. However, He didn't see a reward right away. A string of events occurred right after. One day Haman, a man that worked for the king, noticed that Mordecai did not bow down in his presence. So he made a plan to kill Mordecai, and once he learned that Mordecai was a Jew, he desired to get rid of them all. All hope was lost until one night in the late hours, the king was troubled and couldn't sleep so he began to look through the book of remembrance. He noticed Mordecai's name and realized that he never got his reward! The king made sure that Mordecai was honored within days! In the end, Mordecai was not only rewarded but promoted as well. Whereas Haman was hanged and suffered the death that he had planned for Mordecai. And Mordecai was given Haman’s former position in the kingdom! God not only avenged Mordecai but the Jews as well! It seemed as if God had forgotten about his people, but God never forgets anything!

There are so many things to learn about God’s faithfulness in this story!

1. God's timing is perfect!

In chapter two of the book of Esther, it is mentioned that Mordecai stopped the plot against the king. However, it wasn't until chapter six that He was rewarded for it. Although Mordecai didn't get his reward right away, it was recorded in the book of remembrance. An entire series of dramatic events occurred before Mordecai was even rewarded. It wasn't even until Mordecai was close to death that the king remembered him. Things got worse before they even got better. So why didn't the king reward him right after his good deed? Probably because it wasn't on God’s schedule for Mordecai to receive his reward at that time. You see, God has His own system of doing things and His own calendar as well. I believe that if Mordecai had received his reward right after helping the king, he would've still been grateful; but not as grateful as he was after waiting. By the time that Mordecai received his reward, he had seen God's hand in a mighty way. He witnessed God's mighty hand deliver him and his people from death. God knew how He was going to reward Mordecai before the events even occurred, it just wasn't the right timing. You may feel like God has forgotten about you in the midst of hard times, but He will redeem, restore, and display His remembrance for you when the time is right!

2. God exalts the humble!

Mordecai wasn't looking for attention or waiting for God to reward him. He was simply doing good deeds to please God, he wasn't seeking promotion. He had a genuine desire to live a pure and holy life. He worked hard to make sure that his people were safe. On the other hand, Haman was proud and he experienced a terrible fall. His pride led him to a terrible death and a horrible legacy. However, Mordecai remained low and God took him higher. It's those who serve the Lord with all their heart and submit to Him that will receive a great reward. Not just in eternity but even on Earth.

3. God is our defender!

God works the night shift! Even when we’re unaware of the enemy's plans, God knows them ahead of time and defeats him on our behalf. Mordecai was facing a gruesome and horrifying death, and although he knew that he was a target; he wasn't completely aware of the details. But it turns out that he didn't need to be because God went before him! And Haman faced the death that he had prepared for Mordecai. Whether you feel like you've been wronged or betrayed in the past, RELAX! Because vengeance belongs to the Lord. Let Him, and Him alone fight your battles. May the plans of the enemy be destroyed! May the devil fall into the very trap that he has tried to set up for you!

4. God never forgets!

I personally don't believe in coincidences or random events. I believe that God intentionally stitches certain events together for our benefit and His glory. Therefore it was no coincidence that the king couldn't sleep one night and went through the book of remembrance. It was all part of God's plan and timing. God didn't forget about Mordecai. He was simply waiting for the right time. Life occurs in seasons and God was waiting for the right moment to bless Mordecai. Whatever you've sown, given, or done for the glory of God. He's seen it! He remembers it! And when the time is right He will reward you.

5. Don't forget about God whenever He blesses you!

First of all, take a look around because God has already blessed you in countless ways. But as you venture through life, God will surprise you in big ways. He has already orchestrated amazing outcomes for your life, JUST. WAIT. AND. SEE. Always keep God 1st, because even if you acquire all that you've ever wanted. God will still be all that you’ve ever needed.

So what happens when God remembers you?

He blesses your socks off!

He makes a way outta no way!

He blows your mind!

He makes up for the misfortunes you’ve experienced!

He opens doors for you!

He uses people to bless you!

I want to encourage you to work as unto the Lord, be faithful, trust Him, and submit to Him. Of course, we are not saved by good works, but by the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. But God does remember every good deed that we do for His glory. He sees everything that we walk through and keeps it in mind. Waiting for the right time to reward those who have been faithful.



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